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We know you don't have time for downtime. You need your equipment running, so you can focus on your business. With LiftOne Now, we're making this easier and more efficient for you. LiftOne Now gives you the freedom, while in the office or on the go, to conveniently manage your fleet in real-time, from any digital device.


Conveniently request service or equipment, rental and parts quotes. Simple, easy and on your schedule.



Follow the status of your fleet's service requests and scheduled maintenance. Tracking repairs has never been easier!


Whether owned or rented, gain visibility of your entire fleet, including hour meter reading, service history and more.

Help Center

Accessing LiftOne Now

  • What does it cost to use LiftOne Now?

    It is free for our customers to access and use LiftOne Now.

  • How do I log into LiftOne Now?

    Visit to access your account. Don't have an account yet? Click Request an Account and our team will help activate your account.

  • I forgot my password.

    Resetting your password is easy. Visit and click on Forgot Password. Follow the instructional steps provided to reset your password.

  • Which browsers are supported by LiftOne Now?

    Chrome is best; it provides a faster, better experience when using LiftOne Now.

  • How can I add LiftOne Now to my phone and tablet’s homescreen?

  • I have a new phone and/or computer and can't remember how to access LiftOne Now.

    LiftOne Now is a web-enabled app, so simply go to from your laptop or mobile device and log in.

  • I have a question with my account and/or how to use LiftOne Now, how can I get help?

    Contact us or email and someone from our team will be happy to help.

Repair Requests

  • How do I make a service repair request?

    From the Home screen, choose Request Repair, choose the Asset from list and fill in required fields. OR, from Fleet tab, choose Asset, click Create Request and choose Request Repair.

  • Can I see all repair requests, even if I don't make them through LiftOne Now?

    Yes! View all current AND past repair requests in the Requests tab or find them at the bottom of each individual asset.

  • We have our own unique, special names for our trucks. Can I change them in LiftOne Now?

    Yes! Click on a truck under the Fleet tab, then click Edit in the top right corner. You can now update the name in the "Equipment Nickname or Number" field and hit Save Details. Your new nickname is instantly changed in your fleet list.

  • My company has multiple locations, but I'm only responsible for two. How can I change my settings to only see equipment and repairs for those two?

    Got to the Profile tab, then Location Preferences. Uncheck the boxes of any locations you don't want to see, click save. You can easily go back and change your preferences at any time.

Fleet / Equipment

  • What happens if I no longer own a truck showing up in my Fleet list?

    Click on the truck, scroll to “No longer in your fleet?”, then click on “Let us know.” A chat will open, pre-populated with a message notifying us to remove the equipment. Hit send and we‘ll take care of the rest.

  • We just acquired a used truck that’s not in your system, but it needs service. What do we do?

    From the Home screen, click on Request Repair, then Add Asset button and fill out the form – you can now complete a Repair Request. Please note, the equipment will be added to your Fleet list within 24 hours.

  • I only want to see the trucks I own, not my rentals.

    From your Fleet tab, click on the Filter icon in the top right corner (clear filters when you’re done to view all equipment).

  • We have a large fleet and I want to quickly find a specific truck (i.e. Big Yellow) in my fleet.

    Easy – just go to your Fleet tab and type or use voice-to-text to enter the name of the truck (i.e. Big Yellow) in the search bar at the top of the page.


  • How do I know who at my company has access to LiftOne Now?

    Go to the Users tab and view everyone at your company with access. Please note, users who did not complete the Complete Sign Up will be noted with Not Activated following their name.

  • My co-worker needs access to LiftOne Now. Can they get an account, too?

    Yes, go to the Users tab in LiftOne Now and click on Invite User.

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